Carrier Partner

Our carrier partner provides transportation insurance for many types of transportation related industries from trucking companies to small tradesmen serving local areas. Because our carrier partner can insure all fleet sizes, we have the flexibility of being able to offer transportation products to a wide range of businesses. We understand the complex logistics of running a business that includes vehicles, and have a variety of products to suit your needs.

The products we offer can be tailored to fit the demands of individual businesses and fleets. Through our carrier partner, we can provide $1 million Combined Single Limit auto liability for fleets.

Finally, with assets totaling more than $17.1 billion, our carrier partner is a reputable and financially sound company that both agents and policyholders can rely upon. Our carrier partner has an "A-" (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, meaning the businesses our carrier partner insures can rest easy knowing that their business's insurance needs are in safe hands. As an agent, knowing that the product you are marketing is backed by a highly rated and financially stable company makes your job easier and more satisfying.