Preferred Sand & Gravel Program

The Preferred Sand & Gravel Program is designed to cover sand and gravel haulers including dirt, rock, sand, gravel and aggregate materials and a radius of operation within 300 miles. The territory of operation is limited to California, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada. Heavy trucks to extra heavy truck-tractors, semi-trailers, and pull-trailers.

Eligible Classes

  • Sand and Gravel Haulers with at least three years of applicable experience.
  • New ventures may be considered if documented prior experience of at least three years is available.
  • Owner operator risks and fleet operations.
  • Ability to demonstrate profitability with a three (3) year loss ratio less than 50% and or current/expiring year loss ratio less than 60%.
  • Risks with the following criteria:
    • Effective driver qualification process;
    • Adequate controls of hiring and supervision of qualified drivers;
    • Written and enforced vehicle maintenance program;
    • All drivers participate in driver training and driver incentive program;
    • Written policy statement of safety and accident prevention;
    • Sound financial condition.
  • GL coverage available to owner-operator risks only. Fleet Risks (operations with 5 or more power units) are ineligible for GL coverage.

Ineligible Risks

  • Concrete pumpers
  • Cranes, hoists, booms
  • Filings – SR22, SRIP
  • Hazardous material hauling
  • Heavy truck tractors without loss runs
  • Livestock hauling
  • Logging or lumber trucks
  • Long haul – radius 300 miles or more
  • Mobile home haulers
  • Roll-off beds on trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Truckers – common carrier
  • Truckers – contract carrier
  • Unacceptable out of service scores
  • Values over $250,000

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Completed ACORD application or equivalent and applicable supplemental application signed by both the producer and insured will be a condition of binding. This should include but not (be) limited to the following:
    • Previous carrier’s premium & loss history for prior three years in addition to the current/expiring year (valued within the last 90 days);
    • Detailed current vehicle fleet & driver listing;
    • Current MVRs for all drivers are required prior to binding any coverage;
    • Signed Uninsured Motorists election/rejection form at the time of binding coverage;
  • Acceptable out of service scores with CAB;
  • Drivers that meet acceptability standards concerning experience and acceptable driving records;
  • Mechanical inspection report for all vehicles/units that do not meet age requirements;
  • Documented safety program, when applicable.
  • Producer’s narrative description of the risk.

Rating Information

  • All vehicles will be rated using a filed and approved ISO loss cost rates for where the vehicles are garaged under the Sand & Gravel Program.

General Program Information

AmCom Insurance Services, Inc. will have the authority to rate, quote and bind business as set forth within its underwriting guidelines. AmCom will be responsible for reviewing all new business applications, determine acceptability based on eligibility guidelines, perform the initial underwriting functions and issue all policies. Our goal is to insure those accounts that demonstrate an active concern for workplace safety, and an above-average ability to control losses and loss exposures. Each account will be underwritten with these concerns and abilities in mind.


Does AmCom offer UM/UIM coverage?

  • Yes, UM/UIM is available but only to a maximum limit of $60,000.

Is General Liability available for the Sand & Gravel Hauler?

  • General Liability is only available for an Owner Operator or fleet Owner Operator up to five (5) units.

What states are offered under the Sand & Gravel Program?

  • Currently, only the States of CA, AZ, NV and OR are available.

Are new ventures eligible for the Sand & Gravel Program?

  • New ventures are eligible for the Sand & Gravel Program if they have three (3) years documented prior experience.

Are MVRs required as part of the Sand & Gravel submission?

  • MVRs (valued within 90 days) are required for each driver prior to binding.

What is the minimum age of drivers that are acceptable?

  • Drivers must be at least 25 years of age with two (2) years driving experience with commercial class vehicles.