Trucking Program

Commercial trucking program for small fleet (1-9 units) and large fleet (20+ units) trucking risks with intermediate to long-haul radius of travel.

Eligible Classes

  • Refrigerated produce/fruit hauling
  • Appliance/Electric goods
  • Auto Supplies/Parts (No Junk hauling)
  • Paper/Plastic goods
  • Mail
  • Intermodal/Containerized Freight
  • General goods freight
  • Dry freight

Ineligible Classes

  • Car Carriers
  • Mobile Homes
  • Household Movers
  • Construction Debris
  • Sod Haulers
  • Building Materials
  • Nursery & Farm Products
  • Construction Equipment & Heavy Machinery
  • Concrete Products
  • Paint
  • Recyclables
  • Logging Operations
  • Boats
  • Wreckers/Tow Operations
  • Sand & Gravel/Dump Operations
  • Hazmat
  • Carnivals/Circuses/ Fairs
  • Newspaper Routes
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Vehicles used in any type of racing or stunt driving
  • Double or Triple Trailers
  • Tankers
  • Repo Operations including Tow Trucks
  • Emergency Medical Transport
  • Courier Service
  • Service Use Vehicles
  • Driving School or Student Driver Vehicles
  • Bobtail & Deadhead
  • Livestock with Weight Shifting Characteristics
  • Personal use vehicles (unless included as a minor part of a fleet)
  • Risks with multiple entities.

Underwriting Guidelines

An acceptable risk will exhibit the following risk characteristics:

  • Above average loss experience
  • Satisfactory DOT/CSA ratings
  • Out of Service ratios within National Average
  • In business 3+ years with stable to moderate operational growth
  • Acceptable financial condition
  • Low driver turnover

Submission requirements

  • FEIN if insured is a corporation, LLC, or SS# for individual or partnership
  • Completed application
  • Current (less than 90-day-old) loss runs
  • Five (5) years prior carrier information (if applicable)
  • Complete driver and vehicle list including year, make, model, complete VIN, and stated amount (if requesting physical damage)
  • Submit all MVRs prior to quoting for driver pre-approvals (all current MVRs will be required at binding) – a 25% random sampling of MVRs are acceptable for fleet accounts.
  • IFTAs fuel tax reports for the last 4 quarters (8 quarters preferred).  If fuel tax reports are not available for the risk, supplemental mileage information must be provided.*
  • Account narrative describing operations, customers & commodities and regular routes of travel to better explain insurable exposures.*
  • Current financial statements, income statement & balance sheet, for current and previous year. Audited financials are preferred, but not required.*

*Required information for Fleet Trucking only


What is a small fleet risk?

  • A small fleet risk is a 1-9 unit trucking risk.

What is a large fleet risk?

  • A large fleet risk is a 20 or more unit trucking risk.

Is Motor Truck Cargo available with the program?

  • Yes, Motor Truck Cargo coverage is available with Broad Form up to $250,000.

Is Trailer Interchange coverage available?

  • Trailer Interchange coverage is available with a limit up to $50,000.

What is the acceptable age of a driver?

  • The minimum age of an acceptable driver is 23 with the maximum age of 65. Drivers older than 65 will need a DOT medical exam.

Where do I send my trucking submissions and or endorsement requests?

  • All new and renewal submissions along with endorsements must be sent to